Spelling Bee

The Prospect Spelling Bee is a favorite annual event! Third to Fifth graders get a chance to practice their spelling skills while competing with their peers.  Student participation is optional. The top finalists from each classroom advance to an all-school Spelling Bee. The top two winners advance to the District 181 Spelling Bee.

Did you know that SPELLING enhances a student’s reading, writing, vocabulary and comprehension? Participation in this year’s Prospect Spelling Bee will be virtual. If your 3rd, 4th or 5th graders would like to participate, please sign up here.

Spelling Bee 2020/21 Timeline:

-Spelling Lists are available to students before Winter Break. You can find them here!
-Spelling Bees will be held virtually after Winter Break, the week of January 11th (specific date TBD) after school at 4pm. Details to follow.
-The top 2 winners of the Prospect Spelling Bee will advance to the DISTRICT 181 Spelling Bee, to be held virtually on February 9th at 4:30pm.
Good luck, Prospect Spellers! May your holidays BEE merry and bright!