Committee Descriptions


The Assemblies committee supports logistical needs for assemblies planned by the principal or other committees such as Dash n Bash and Wheel of Wisdom.


Assist with communication by posting important dates to the newsletter for Battle of the Books which is open to 4th and 5th grade students. You do not need to attend any of the Battle of the Book meetings


This committee plans the annual school Bike Rodeo hosted after school one day at the beginning of the school year for 3rd – 5th graders. It’s a fun rite of passage for our older students who would like to receive their “license” to ride their bike to school. Prospect works with a local bike shop, the Clarendon Hills Police Department, and State Farm Insurance to create stations where kids receive a safety check for their bike and helmet, ride through a bicycling safety course, and finally get their bike registered with the school and the Clarendon Hills Police Department.


Working through Anderson’s Book Store, Prospect holds two Book Fairs for the student body and parents (one in Fall, one in Spring) as a fundraiser for the MRC. Prospect’s Librarian takes primary responsibility for the scheduling and planning of the events. The co-chairs of this committee work closely with Mrs. Swanson to set up and run the book fairs.


The Box Tops Committee is the perfect committee for someone who cannot devote much time to the more hands-on committee events or wants to do something from home! Volunteers promote this fundraiser for Prospect (via articles in the Prospectus) and coordinate the collection of those little Box Tops you see on so many products you purchase.


Chess Club is a once-a-week, after-school club available to the entire student body which begins in September and runs through May. Instructors are currently supplied by Illinois Chess Teachers and those instructors structure the time with the kids. There is no prior chess knowledge necessary for the students or volunteer parents.


This position may be best suited for a parent of a choir student. It will require the organizing of choir music files and creation and/or maintenance of  a google document listing all choir music. Hours are flexible and can be done from home


In the Fall, Prospect holds both an All School Photo and a Class Picture Day where individual student and staff photos are taken. The All School Photo is completed outdoors on a morning in September. The Class Picture Day is scheduled for in September or October. This committee helps schedule & communicate picture days and provides assistance at school on days photos are taken.


All of Prospect School has a chance to earn a free ticket to a Cougars game by reading a certain amount. These volunteers will work to manage the student earned tickets through collection of reading logs and distribution of the game tickets. They will be responsible for all communication distributed to the Prospect community regarding this fun event! The Cougars game date is typically a Spring Saturday.


Lace up your sneakers and participate in Prospect School’s premier fundraiser! A 1K Dash open to all students and run through Prospect Park is followed by a not-to-be- missed Bash outside Prospect School. The Bash is open to all Prospect families, neighbors, & supporting sponsors; it features a DJ, food & drink, carnival games, face painting, bounce house and MORE! Funds are raised through sponsorships, dash pledges, and proceeds from the Bash. 100% of proceeds will fund educational tools, enhancements to the art, music, & PE classrooms and the Outdoor Learning Center. The Dash n’ Bash Committee will plan and organize this exciting school fundraiser to be held after school at the end of September. Committee volunteers are needed for everything from securing sponsorships, coordinating Bash vendors, securing student Dash prizes, managing course logistics & safety, to helping on day of event with the Dash or working a shift at the Bash. There is something for everyone on this committee!


Working closely with the school office to edit contact information for families and staff for the directory app. This is a Fall activity. Each year, the Prospect PTO publishes a Directory phone app for all school families that elect to be included.


Eco Panthers is Prospect School’s “Green” Club and adheres to the motto “Respect Ourselves, Respect Each Other, Respect the Environment. The club meets monthly throughout the year. The Eco Panthers promote Waste Free Lunches, recycling, the nurturing of our environment and assist with the upkeep of our very own Outdoor Learning Center. Meetings may include activities such as: composting, clean-up initiatives, touring a recycling center, and making ‘go green’ tutorial videos for the school website.


The Fifth Grade Activities Committee is a committee of Fifth Grade parents who plan and execute fun and engaging activities/parties for the 5th grade students throughout the school year. Generally, there is one party per “season.” Most parties are held outside of school hours (generally Sunday evenings) and off of school premises. The final activity is the making of a video of the 5th grade students, to be shown to thestudents and their parents at the “Clap Out” held on the last day of school in June.


The purpose of the Future Projects Committee is to recommend for PTO approval the annual PTO gifts to Prospect School. Gifts are purchased from available funds raised by the PTO over and above its annual operating budget. Projects, initiatives, and items can be suggested to the Committee by Prospect parents, teachers, staff, and administration using the Request For Funding Form. Requests are evaluated and prioritized by the committee with input from the Prospect principal and teachers. Funding requests are mapped by the Committee to establish fundraising goals and subsequent available funds.


The Gift Wrap Fundraiser committee coordinates this popular fall fundraiser working with a company representative to provide catalogues to families so they may purchase gift wrap and related items. The committee chair and volunteers handle the publicity,collection of orders forms, and oversee the distribution of the gift wrap orders. Thisfundraiser has been an annual favorite of Prospect families!


The Girls Inspiration Club will be a positive, motivating space to help our 3rd-4th grade girls to build confidence, show kindness and empathy, develop perseverance when faced with challenges and learn the importance of giving back to become leaders. This PTO- sponsored club, led by Mrs. Turrentine, will provide fun,exciting activities for the girls at each meeting. Chairpersons will plan themes, speakers, and activities with Mrs. Turrentine and committee volunteers will assist at meetings.


The Grounds Chairpersons work with the District to maintain the school grounds. This is perfect for people who enjoy gardening. Ideally, the chairs schedule spring and fall cleanups of the Prospect School grounds. Seasonally, the chairs select, purchase, and plant flowers in the planters. In addition, the Grounds committee ensures the crosswalks are repainted prior to the beginning of school. Every other year they work with a company to install bricks purchased by the community around the flagpole.


The Holiday Bazaar is an activity provided to our students by the PTO where students can shop for holiday gifts for their immediate family members in secret and at affordable prices. There is also a section where parents can shop for items from local vendors. We provide the shopping area, the gift selections, shopping assistance and wrapping to those students who participate. The Holiday Bazaar takes place in early December, after school hours in the Gym/Multi-Purpose Room (MPR).


Our parent organization wonderfully does the work to make a purchased Hot Lunch available to all our students once a month (historically a Wednesday) during the school year. These days are as anxiously awaited by parents/care givers (who get to skip making lunches that day) as students (who love hot lunch!). This committee works with outside food vendors to plan selections of entrees for each hot lunch day. Sign up happens at the beginning of each school year. 


Being a volunteer in the Library is a great way to see your kids in their school environment! Volunteers will help with book check-in and check-out and shelve returned books. The Library Coordinator will ensure all volunteers are assigned a date and time during their child/children’s classroom library visit. Schedules are communicated based on the preference of the current Library Coordinator


Volunteering during your child(ren)’s music class is another great way to see your student in action. Responsibilities will include, filming the class activities, set-up and take-down of grade level music events and other duties as needed. The chair of this committee will work closely with the music teacher to coordinate volunteers and help meet the teachers needs. 


A Tech-savvy parent is needed to work directly with the music department to update the Prospect music website. This position could be done outside of school hours.


Our Newcomers Committee has an important task, welcoming and helping to orient all our new Prospect families – both those beginning with a new kindergartener, and those new to the community with children in other grades. This committee plans a Kindergarten Mix and Mingle as well as a New Family Orientation (for grades 1-5) held just before the start of school and a Newcomers Treats & Greet held during the first PTO meeting of the year. The committee helps new families find ways to connect and feel comfortable at school – committee members attend many of the school functions and provide a familiar face to our new families. 


The Nominating Committee has the very important responsibility of seeking qualified individuals to be the nominee for each office to be filled on the Executive Board of the PTO. Ideally, the Nominating Committee members will be comprised of individuals who have children spanning the various grade levels at Prospect. (Member volunteers may serve no more than 2 consecutive years).


Plan/run a global festival open-house, featuring food and a talent showcase contributed by Prospect families. The event will encourage cultural curiosity and educate Prospect families and offer opportunity to deepen their global competence and connectedness. This event will take place every other year in the fall. 


Parents Night Out is a parent-only social event for the Prospect Community! This event is often tied in with Back to School Night and is a great way to kick off the school year. The event provides the perfect environment to meet parents new to Prospect and reconnect with existing Prospect parents all while enjoying a night out. It’s typically a fun and casual evening at a local restaurant or bar – a great way to support our local businesses.


The PTO Spanish Translator is an essential role that provides support to the Spanish speaking families within our Prospect community. The translator is mainly responsible for translating our Events of the Week (EOW) into Spanish for distribution via backpacks.


Connect with local media contacts regarding school event information/photos; work with event chairs for summaries/photos; act as school liaison for D181 Communications Director. Work done from home/evening hours.


The Robert Crown Center for Health education is an important community resource located in neighboring Hinsdale dedicated to leading, educating, and motivating kids toward healthy, happy, and safe lives. This committee organizes and schedules the annual Linda/Michael Pre-Puberty Education Programs for the 5th grade students and 4thgrade girls.


In the Fall, once class lists are available, the Room Parent Coordinator finalizes the Room Parents for each class (2-3 per class). If there are more volunteers than needed for a specific class, a guideline system is used for selection. If there are not enough volunteers for a class, the Room Parent Coordinator helps to fill those gaps. The Room Parent Coordinator holds an orientation meeting with all the Room Parents in September to provide details and instruction on their role and oversees the 2 parties (Halloween and Holiday) and assists in coordinating an all school end of the year field day event. 


The School Supply Kit Committee provides easy access for Prospect parents to order school supplies through an online vendor. The committee Chair works with the vendor of choice to finalize teacher approved supply kits, set up online ordering forms and organizes delivery to the school. The committee members assist with receiving and distributing the kits in August prior to the start of the school year.


This committee’s main objective is to plan and coordinate activities to stimulate children’s interest in science. Science Week is normally scheduled in February or early March and a theme is chosen for the activities. The committee may work with an outside science enrichment provider to plan a school-wide kick-off science assembly.. The group also plans and organizes an annual Science Fair and STEM Family Night (normally held during or close to Science Week). The Science Fair is non-competitive and participation is voluntary and open to any student in the school. The Fair and STEM Family Night is held in the evening; families view the science fair projects and participate in hands-on STEM activities.


Shop N Share is a committee that focuses on creating fundraising opportunities with family friendly restaurants and retailers in our community. Restaurants and businesses donate a portion of sales made by Prospect parents during an agreed upon time frame back to the school. The committee aims to schedule 5-9 “shop n share” events during the school year.


A few years ago, Prospect came up with the idea of partnering with a “Sister School”. The basis behind this proposal was to move away from the anonymous drop-off donation and develop a more personal affiliation with recipients. Aligning with an underprivileged school would give our children the opportunity to be more involved and to participate and contribute at a multicultural level. After a comprehensive selection process which involved a vote by the entire PTA membership, Prospect “adopted” William Penn Elementary School, an inner city public school in Chicago. An amazing bond has developed between students, teachers, and parents on both sides and has given children from both schools the chance to interact on a multicultural level. Some of the programs that have been developed through the PTO include: supplying the Penn school store with donated items, 4th grade fieldtrip with Penn students, and special drives for donated items, as needed.


Prospect hosts a Spelling Bee on an annual basis. During the month of January, class spelling bees are held in each of the 3rd – 5th grade classrooms during the school day or after school. There are different word lists used for each grade and those lists are sent home with the students during the previous weeks. Student participation is optional. The top finalist from each classroom advances to an all-school Spelling Bee, held the following week. The top 2 winners advance to the District 181 Spelling Bee.


The Spirit Wear committee is busy in the summer designing and choosing the Spirit Wear items. The committee is instrumental in promoting school spirit through the sale of clothing and gear with the Prospect or Panther logos. Most Fridays are Spirit Days at school, so there is ample opportunity for the kids to get their wear out of their “wears”! Spirit Wear sales occur at the beginning of the school year.


The Student Leadership Team is comprised of 4th and 5th graders. This amazing group is comprised of students who want to become true leaders and be examples of leadership to the younger students in various capacities such as community outreach, in-school programs and team-building activities. Student Leadership partners with a new charity or leadership organization each month to inspire “Kids Helping Kids”. As Student Leaders, the group participates in monthly, in-school activities that benefit local charities (such as Hephzibah House, Mend-a-Heart, William Penn School and Noah’s Hope-Hope 4Bridget) and with other community leadership teams (such as Hinsdale Central’s J. Kyle Braid leadership group and the CHMS Leadership Group).


The Teacher and Staff Appreciation committee works to organize activities that demonstrate appreciation from students and parents to our Prospect teachers and staff. The committee is able to creatively determine what sort of activities it would like to plan. Historically, surprises of student-written thank you notes, luncheons, and other gifts of food and flowers are just a few of the fun treats that have been planned. Most activities occur in May during Teacher Appreciation Month. However, the committee may alternatively choose to spread the events throughout the year intermittently. This committee also supplies recognition on Principals Day, Custodian Day, AdministrativeProfessionals’ Day, Crossing Guard Day, Nurses Day and for any teacher/staff retirements.


The Walk To School committee coordinates Prospect’s participation in the InternationalWalk to School Day. International Walk to School Day is a global event that involves communities from more than 40 countries walking and biking to school on the same day. The committee encourages families to walk or bike to school that day and a “Walk” takes place around the school grounds, with a short ceremony at the flagpole right after school begins.


The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the PTO website. Most work can be done from home/evening hours.


This committee creates the annual Prospect School Yearbook that is distributed at the end of the school year. The committee designs the candid collage pages of their children’s classes and other clubs/activity pages throughout the book. (A separate PTO committee, Class Pictures, handles everything related to the professional photographs of staff and students that are included in the book.) Individual volunteers will only be responsible for the specific page or layout that they are assigned or have requested. All of the pages that the Yearbook Committee are responsible for are due to the publisher by the end of February.