Yearbook 2020


The yearbook is on sale all year but if you purchase by OCT 31st you will receive 5% off.

Follow the link and login with your Tree Ring account to purchase your book today.  If you do not have a Tree Ring account, you will need to create one and enter the following passcode for Prospect: 1015058316061257.


This year will be different for Yearbook and we need your help!  Since volunteers will not be allowed in school, we are relying on parents and teachers to provide us with as many pictures as possible to create a yearbook of memories for our kiddos.

Throughout the year we will have links to add photos to a shared folder on our yearbook website, Treering. You will have to sign in or create a new account to upload photos.  Please see instructions for How to Create a TreeRing Account.

We will incorporate different themes and photo requests and provide a link for each below.

Yearbook How-To’s


For questions, please e-mail