Season of Science

STEAM WEEK: MARCH 8-12, 2021

STEAM Week is a PTO sponsored week-long event to stimulate the student’s interest in STEAM.  Students love to participate in various school-wide and in-class activities to promote the love of science!


Who is ready for some science? The Prospect PTO is excited to partner with the Oak PTO and the Yuck Show to provide a night of interactive scientific fun! Please visit the landing page for more information about the presentation:  

The fun doesn’t have to end quite yet!   Wait until you check out the 45 minute science show video which includes the experiments we saw this week as well as many new ones for the whole family to enjoy.  The video will be available through Friday, Feb 10, so feel free to watch as many times as you would like!

An index of the demonstrations and links to more Yuck science videos are below! 

01:45 Mentos geysers
02:35 Inflating balloons with vinegar and baking soda
03:43 Giant balloon
04:51 Inflating giant balloon with vinegar and baking soda
08:04 Alka Seltzer rockets
12:02 Ping pong ball explosion
16:47 Popcorn explosion
18:10 Liquid nitrogen cloud 21:20 Objects in liquid nitrogen
24:07 Leidenfrost effect with liquid nitrogen
25:18 Leidenfrost effect in kitchen
27:22 Bernoulli’s principle explained
28:19 Bernoulli’s principle examples
29:51 Isopropyl combustion
34:31 Elephant toothpaste reaction
36:55 Potential energy and kinetic energy
38:14 Coprolite
38:55 Hadrosaur egg
39:19 Making elephant toothpaste together


Yuck for Kids blog:

More elephant toothpaste videos:…

More liquid nitrogen videos:…