School/Lunch Hours

School and Lunch Hours


School Hours: All Grades

Grade Time
Grades 1-5 8:35am – 3:05pm
AM Kindergarten 8:35am – 11:25am
PM Kindergarten 12:15pm – 3:05pm


  • Students are asked to arrive at school between the hours of 8:25am and 8:30am and wait at their designated grade level doors.
  • Students should be in their seats and ready to learn by 8:35am and 12:15pm each day.
  • Students should not play on the playground or on the blacktop area when they arrive to school in the morning. Supervision is not provided on the playground prior to the start of school.

Lunch Periods: Grades 1-5

11:25a – 11:50a 11:50a – 12:15p
Grades 2-3 Lunch Recess
Grades 1, 4, & 5 Recess Lunch


  • Students should return to school by 12:15pm if going home for lunch.
  • All students should enter through the front door when they return from lunch.
  • Students going home for lunch will not be allowed to join their friends on the playground. They must check into the office and wait in the vestibule until the bell rings at 12:15pm.