PTO Angel Fund

Prospect PTO Angel Fund

In the fall of 2015, the PTO Executive Board, working closely with Mrs. Kryger, determined it would be beneficial to create an Angel Fund to support those Prospect students whose families may be going through a difficult time and are in need or may be less fortunate financially.  The PTO views the Angel Fund as an extension of our dedicated efforts to assist Prospect families who might not be able to fully afford the expenses of the wonderful activities and events our school has to offer.


What is the Prospect PTO Angel Fund?

The Prospect PTO Angel Fund is a permanent sub-account included in the PTO’s general bank account. Funds contributed to the Angel Fund will be itemized in the PTO’s monthly financial statements that are presented at our general meetings and shall remain in the sub-account until used solely for Angel Fund purposes.


For what will the donations and contributions be used?

Any monetary contributions or donations in kind will be used to fund or partially fund expenditures for a student’s participation in school-related events and activities that his or her family may not be able to fully fund on their own due to financial hardship.  Examples include participation in Prospect’s annual Dash N’ Bash event or support for school supplies.  Assistance is available to all Prospect families in need, and requests for assistance are kept in complete confidence. To make a request for financial assistance, please contact our Principal.


How does the Angel fund benefit Prospect students?

The Prospect PTO Angel Fund is intended to benefit the entire Prospect student body by including all students in activities and events, no matter what their financial circumstance. Giving everyone an opportunity to participate reinforces our school’s long-standing tradition of care and compassion and makes our community stronger.


How can I contribute to the Angel Fund?

Families who wish to contribute by making a tax-deductible donation to the Angel Fund directly may write a check made out to the Prospect PTO in the desired amount and noting “Angel Fund” in the memo line at any time and deliver it to our PTO Treasurer.  The PTO also intends to make the Angel Fund a beneficiary of certain fundraising efforts throughout the year, such as Pennies for Prospect fundraiser which occurs during the Spring Book Fair.  Families will be informed of any fundraising efforts’ intended use prior to the occurrence of any such event or activity.

We thank you for your support!