Future Projects

Future Projects Funding Approved for 2018-2019 School Year

The Future Projects Committee takes funding requests from parents, students, teachers and staff. They evaluate all the requests and then recommend which requests should be purchased as gifts from the PTO to the school. PTO funds raised that are over and above the annual operating budget are used for these purchases. We are pleased to report that the Committee was able to fund 24 requests this year on gifts to the school! These gifts would not be possible without all the generous support from Prospect families and the community. So, a big THANK YOU to all who have donated through various fundraisers over the school year and many thanks to all the parents and teachers who made requests through the Future Projects process!

The following items have already been purchased by the PTO through this process and are in use at the school now:

  • VersaTiles Kindergarten Starter Set + 2 class sets of Answer Cases.
  • Four standing desks (two for Mrs. Segovia’s room and two for Mrs. Tweedie’s room).
  • Skype session with Musician, Emily Arrow, who composes original songs for children’s books. This will be for all 1st grade students and will take place in the MRC.
  • A Cricut Machine which will be available to all teachers.
  • Remaining fall Book Fair Teacher Wish List books totaling about 130 books that will be used for classroom libraries.
  • 30 Bouncy Bands. Mrs. Turrentine will receive 20 bands and other 1st grade classrooms will receive 5 bands each to pilot.
  • An Alto and Soprano xylophone and two stands.
  • An accompanist and sheet music for the Prospect choir.
  • Classroom library books from levels B-P.
  • Reading Room books including levels from E-Q.
  • Guided reading books from levels G-Z to be housed in the MRC.
  • 23 sets of Okapi non-fiction paired books for the 1st grade.
  • 45 sets of headsets with noise cancelling headphones and microphones to be used in the MRC.
  • 2 mini-golf sets that include 9 holes, putters, and 12 golf balls along with obstacles, score pads, flags and cups.
  • Artificial turf for golf.
  • Fabric to replace paper in display cases throughout the school.

Additionally, the following items have been approved and will be purchased in the coming weeks:

  • LEGO Mindstorm and LEGO WeDo equipment for the LEGO Robotics Club.
  • Bookshelves, writing center and traveling chapter book trolley for grades 1-5.
  • Personalized locker magnets that will follow your child through their time at Prospect.
  • Reading Strategies and Understanding Texts and Readers books for teacher book study. (For all classroom teachers, ELL teacher, Differentiation Specialist and tin the RTI reading room).
  • Sensory walk in the hallway.


Future Project Committee Overview
Future Projects Request Form