Beginning Band Sign Up for Incoming 5th Graders

Beginning Band Sign Up for Incoming 5th Graders

To 4th grade parents:
“Hey Mom and Dad, can I join band or orchestra?”
If this sounds familiar, follow the steps below to learn more about the instrumental music
programs and how to register for band or orchestra.

1. Students watched this video in music class about the D181 instrumental music programs:

2. Then, they saw this video: of our Middle School students demonstrating the individual instruments.

3. Next, each student had an individual interview with the band and orchestra director to
try several instruments. We start with the students’ preference, but also check
physical characteristics, which plays an important role in determining success on an

4. After you receive the instrument recommendation certificate – you can register online
by clicking on this link: – the deadline is Friday, May 27th.

5. Then make instrument rental arrangements with Quinlan & Fabish: or procure
an instrument, accessories & music on your own. You may also rent an instrument at the
open house with Quinlan and Fabish. Please be sure to stay with our recommended
brands & supplies: Recommendedbrands2022

6. We will be holding an open house on Tuesday, May 24th from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at Hinsdale
Middle School. The band and orchestra directors will be available to answer questions.
Registration and instrumental rental through Quinlan and Fabish can be done at this time
as well.

7. Contact us with any questions: Band- Laura Stibich – [email protected]
Orchestra- Meghann Talbot – [email protected]

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