Save the Date: Science Week Virtual STEM Labs

Prospect PTO is excited to offer interactive virtual STEM lab sessions with the DuPage  Children’s Museum March 8-12 and 17-19. Each 45 minute lab session will be led by an experienced DCM educator who will empower students to drive their own learning – by building, making, engineering, and experimenting their way through engaging STEM challenges. Materials will be supplied to both hybrid and remote students (details to come). Hybrid students are invited to attend during their asynchronous learning time and remote students are invited to attend the 2:00 PM sessions.

  • Grades 1-3: SOUNDS ALL AROUND – If we could see sound, what would it look like? What are sound waves and where do they come from? Conduct hand-on experiments that resonate with these questions, make a sound sandwich, and play a song together to learn the art of collaboration.
    • 1st Grade Sessions: March 9th at 10am and 2pm
    • 2nd Grade Sessions: March 9th at 10am and 2pm
    • 3rd Grade Sessions: March 10th at 10am and 2pm
  • Grades 4-5: BUILD A BRIDGE – Design, build and test the strength of your own structure! This two-session lab encourages young engineers to tackle practical problems with imaginative solutions, creating fantastically functional bridges.
    • 4th Grade Sessions: March 10th and March 17th at 10 am and 2pm
    • 5th Grade Sessions: March 12th and March 19th at 10am and 2pm

We are looking for parent volunteers to attend the Zoom sessions. Sign up here!