Prospect Prides

  • Thank you Mr. Angel for clearing all of the snow off of our sidewalks!
  • Thank you to the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Committee for stocking the teacher’s lounge with kindness and treats this week, including Megan Caplis, Jessica Kaczmarski, Christen Schmeltz, Harley Houser, Melissa Hanke, Kim Kitley, Jaime Weibel, Shannon Westberg, Jaclyn Zydek, Mollie Howard, Krysten Thomas, Emily Barron, Michelle Darrin, Valli Gupta, Jennifer Voight, Kristyn Bannon, Christy McCormick, Lisa DeCourcy, Jill Livingston, Lipi Sekhadia, and Beth Hoekman.
  • Thank you to the everyone for supporting Kindness Week and giving back to people in our community. Your generosity was greatly appreciated by People’s Resource Center.