Library Book Checkout

Students will not be able to visit the Prospect library this year, but they still can check out and enjoy library books! We will be following the latest safety guidelines and quarantining the books after each use.

3rd to 5th grade students will check out by putting books on reserve through the Atriuum app. Books they request will be delivered to their classroom in a brown bag.  If the books are available, they will be delivered the next day. If they are checked out, they will be delivered after the book has been checked in and waits in quarantine.

K to 2nd grade students will be able to checkout books from their classroom once a week, starting this week! Check here to see which day your child’s class checks out (note that this could change). If they have specific requests, they also can log into the Atriuum app from their iPads and reserve books. If they are available, their reserved books will be brought to their room when their class checks out.

For how to reserve a book check out these simple directions here, or watch this video.

Remote students can also reserve books and will be able to pick them up (and drop off books they are done with) on Thursdays.

If you have any questions, email Mrs. Swanson –