• Special THANK YOU to MRS. CUMMINGS for her steadfast leadership during this unprecedented time. We are grateful for your steady hand and upbeat attitude!
  • THANK YOU to the AMAZING TEACHERS at PROSPECT for quickly reacting to an unimaginable situation. Your support, efforts and love have been felt by all of us!
  • Every PROSPECT PARENT deserves a ROUND OF APPLAUSE for making it through a week of the unknown. Managing a household filled with eLearning,  your regular work days and isolation is no small feat. You’re doing GREAT! You’ve got this…
  • We appreciate the three Prospect Parents that serve on the D181 Board of Education, SINEAD DUFFY, SARAH JAKOBSEN AND SHEETAL RAO. We know you have been working countless hours to steer the ship.
  • WAY TO GO PROSPECT PANTHERS! 1,000 Kindness links is no small accomplishment. THANKS to all of you for making a difference at school.
  • A HUGE PROSPECT PRIDE is in order for MR. GOETZ. Thanks for shaving your head and giving us all some giggles!
  • Shout out to Mrs. Cummings sons, NOLAN, BRENNEN and FINN, along with sweet KONA for brightening our mornings by helping with announcements.