Note from Mrs Cummings

It was great seeing everyone at Curriculum Night.  Thank you for coming and partnering with us.

Fall MAP Assessment Schedule:

Fall MAP assessment will be administered next week to students in grades 1-5. Please make every effort to avoid appointments or other absences during these dates, so that we can prevent having students miss instructional minutes during make-up sessions. The schedule is below:

First Grade:

Reading- September 10th @ 10:15 and 12:30

Math- September 12th @ 10:15 and 12:30

Second Grade:

Reading- September 12th @ 12:30

Math- September 11th @ 12:30

Third Grade:

Reading- September 9th @ 12:30

Math- September 11th @ 12:30

Fourth Grade:

Reading- September 13th @ 8:45

Math- September 11th @ 8:45

Fifth Grade:

Reading- September 10th @ 9:00

Math- September 12th @ 9:00


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